giovedì 22 febbraio 2018


I am very sorry for being late to give my contribution to this blog I was not aware of.

Well, Giulio:

"Giulio was the most irreverent amongst all the people I have ever came across in my professional life. But also one of the most pragmatic, knowledgeable, bright, focused and fun I have ever met.

I met Giulio the first time during my Clearstream years and I was impressed by his determination, his strength, his vivid innovative approach.

And I made of his business philosophy and approach mine, though I will never be able to combine so many Italian swearwords in an deep business or strategic reasoning which has always, really always, ended up making perfect sense to me.

During the years in which we both were at the London Stock Exchange I can say with pride he became my mentor. Any doubt I had he was able to drive me towards the most logical and pragmatic solution. Eccheccazzo Andrea!!....

His vision and boldness towards improvement of the industry and change inspired and me and I always re-read the recommendation that he made for my CV as a spectacular hint to do better.

As a human being he was capable to combine, as part of his character, deepness, understanding and paternal approach, with drive, motivation and shake, with a good kick in your...
He was pure instinct.

This was Giulio to me. He taught leadership to many, as he was a real one.

I keep your picture on my shelf as an enduring inspiration, thank you my friend.