martedì 20 gennaio 2015

A citizen of the World with a Mediterranean touch ...

In my 10+ years spent working with Giulio, I cannot recall one single day, even one of those heavy ones, that he and I have ended without cackling even for few seconds for a joke or a silly thing that happened during the day.

Giulio was serious, determined, energetic, even ferocious in its commitment to develop whatever he was in charge for, but with a sense of humour and self-irony that made him very unique person in a world where gravity is often equivalent to professionalism. Giulio was the living example that people do not need to shout or inflict pain to other people to be respected and gain authority within their community.

He was a very professional banker, with long term vision and lucid understanding of how customer needs would have developed and what was needed to deliver first class service. For me he was a great friend always ready to share with you his experience and his wisdom to help you understanding what needed to be done to address and fix your personal challenges. 

I’ve always seen Giulio as a citizen of the World with a Mediterranean touch. Elegant, noisy and open to laugh but respectful of the other cultures, habits and practices.

I will be missing you Giulio a lot. 


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