venerdì 23 gennaio 2015

A man of great integrity, a brain the size of planet and a most wicked sense of humor ...

I have known Giulio for many years. I guess more so in the past 15 or so. He was a man of great integrity, a brain the size of planet and a most wicked sense of humor!. I've had numerous interactions over the years, one to one, client events, conferences, employers etc. He was always looking to simplify things, get people better working together and was selfless in this.

He wanted to make a difference and has had a very positive influence on the industry in which he operated and can be credited with many positive changes, collaborations and partnerships over the years. To all the people who came into contact with him, he had two common traits. He was well liked and respected by all. I never forget a time when he was hosting a world cup hospitality box for Citi. He went on this occasion to great lengths to display his knowledge of a particular fine wine and that he'd personally hand selected a very special wine for the travelling crowd. All Seniors from their respective organisations. Everyone during Dinner fell over themselves telling him how good it was, how it tasted, how it was the best wine they'd had all year, how they were all budding conisieurs and inundating him with hours about their knowledge (or lack of it as it transpired).

Giulio made frequent references to its importance, the vintage, the winemaker etc. Some hours later, at the end of the game, he smiled with his cheeky grin, winked at me and told me it was readily available in the Portuguese wine section of Waitrose for GBP 3.49 and that everyone was totally clueless and would struggle to understand beyond the fact if the wine was either red or white!! We then had a great laugh at everyone's expense for the next couple of hours. Very funny and we often shared this joke over the years in other peoples company.

He touched everyone who came into contact with him. I wish his family my sincere condolences and wish them much luck, success, health and happiness in the future and in his memory. Hugs and all things good.


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