mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Che bella cosa na jurnata'e'sole ...

It is very hard to credit that such a wonderful cheerful friend should have been taken from us so suddenly. I have so many rich memories of Giulio. Quick espressos at London Bridge station when we were based in Cottons Centre, trips to Milan together to see Patrizia and Rowena and the gang, the discussions we had on Infrastructures and about his upbringing as half-Italian, half-English like my son. 

The kindness he showed to us when we dropped in on him in Alghero and his passion for Art Deco. Discussions on the merits of different varieties of skis, coffees, olive oils and of English shoes versus Italian.

I was honoured to be asked to sing at Giulio's Retirement Party and when I hear "O Sole Mio" I shall always think of my pal, chatting away, creating dreams and aspirations with his gentlemanly energy and enthusiasm for life. How he will be missed!

Che bella cosa na jurnata'e'sole
N'aria serena doppo na tempesta
Pe'll'aria fresca pare gia' na festa
Che bella cosa na jurnata'e sole
Ma n'atu sole cchiu' bello, oi ne' 
'O sole mio sta nfronte a te
'O sole o sole mio Sta nfronte a te sta nfronte a te!


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