martedì 20 gennaio 2015

A commitment to life and love that only a true italian ...

I first met Giulio when I was at Robert Fleming and a client of his when he was at Citibank. Our first meeting was over lunch and never was a lunch more enjoyable. His wit and sense of humour was infectious only matched by his knowledge of the financial markets and this allowed us to build a strong relationship.

The relationship was business related but with Giulio it was as much about personal friendship. It was years later that we met again after our careers had moved in different directions yet when we met again by chance is what as if the years had disappeared.

That was the way it was with Giulio you never lost him as a friend. A man of infinite charm and warmth with great industry knowledge and a commitment to life and love that only a true Italian could ever demonstrate.

Kind regards.


B.I.S.S. Research

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