lunedì 19 gennaio 2015

We have indeed lost a very special person ...

We have indeed lost a very special person: a friend, colleague, and partner. He will be sorely missed. Giulio led with passion, innovation, and personal attention to people. He was focus on client needs, and used this to devise notable new solutions that streamlined and drove cross border securities trading and processing.

Giulio was a magnet for surrounding himself with talent. He focused significant attention on coaching as well as addressing personal challenges. I enjoyed the time I spent with him. We partnered to drive a successful business, spent innumerable day traveling the globe preaching the 'gospel' according to Global Clearing, and found mutual interest in dining, antiquing and walking.

The news of Giulio's death comes as a shock as I think of Giulio as a vital and active person. I will long remember our friendship and will work to carry-on his passions for developing commercial solutions, traveling, and coaching people.

Alan D. S.

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  1. La tua missione nella vita è vivere con passione, umorismo e stile...
    Una passione visionaria, travolgente e contagiosa:
    ossigeno per l’anima.
    Non riesco a pensare che non ci sei, penso che sei in giro,
    in qualche città del mondo, nel tuo ruolo di hard-working man,
    con il tuo piglio energico,
    o il tuo sorriso coinvolgente
    a trasfondere in chi incontri positività e vigore.
    Ti mandero’ come sempre gli auguri per il tuo compleanno,
    sapendoti ad Alghero in compagnia delle persone a te care.